Free Methodist Youth Pittsburgh Conference Information and Resource Site


You do not hear that enough. Thank you all so much for all you do. Listed below is the contact info for other youth leaders in the conference. It is our hope that you use this to keep in touch and encourage each other. Maybe you have questions, ideas or just simply want to brag for a minute on how much God is doing, please feel free to reach out and share with your fellow laborers.

 Church NameYouth LeaderEmailChurch Number 
 Washington (Glenn St) Jeff Dutton 724-222-4766
 Brooek Hills FMC Mike McAllister 304-737-0186
 Hookstown FMC Lisa Moore 724-573-9692
 Beechwood FMC Darla Stansbury 330-385-8886
 ELO First FMC Steve Forsythe 330-386-6399
 Ohioville FMC Lisa Macfarland 724-643-5852
 Monecrest FMC Emilee Smith 724-774-6606
 Rochester FMC Mel McRoberts 724-774-5304
 New Brighton FMC Josh Mackenstein 724-843-2777
 Sarver FMC Patrick Linhart 724-353-2110
 Kiski Unity FMC Kaitlyn Kalquist 724-845-6972
 Jeanette FMC Marry Ann Miline 724-744-2727
 Greensburgh FMC Josh Green 724-823-0070
 Blairsville FMC Rusty McClug 724-459-8181
 Journey By Grace Josh Green 724-823-0070
 New Hope FMC Michael Dickman 585-244-4000
 Uniontown FMC Michael Washington 724-438-3438
 Cove Run FMC Lexi Robertson 724-437-1050
 Shoaf FMC Chuck Mclaughlin 724-812-3701
 Little Brownfield Charles O'Brien 724-438-5966